group show – get your gig on

We lost another great one. In the past nine days, David Bowie’s death has been written about and talked about everywhere. I wonder if my kids will remember this death like my Mom remembers the death of Lennon or I remember the death of Cobain. They might not be ‘fans’ but they might hear ‘China Girl’ and remember their Mom singing it at the top of her lungs or hear ‘Ground Control’ and remember their Dad couldn’t listen to the Chris Hatfield version b/c it couldn’t hold a candle to Bowie’s version. It is also possible that they might not remember it at all. But they will have their own Bowie’s. They will have their own music to get lost and caught up in. Because really, that is all we can ask of great art – that we are drawn in and, for a moment, make ‘contact’.

So for the fans of music and art alike, here is a group show of wonderfully amazing music gig posters.

 DigMyChili-JackJohnson DrewMillward-Phish KenTaylor-FirstAidKit DanMumford-SoundgardenKiiArens-Beck TravisBone GaryMcGarvey-Horse  BradVetterwAdrienneMiller-FosterthePeople BradVetterwAdrienneMiller-anotherFosterthePeople    ChelseyCurtin-BlackKeys JeffSoto-PearlJam    DanBlackandJessicaSeamans-Sebadoh

{top to bottom, left to right – Dig My Chili Creative Group, Jack Johnson poster; Drew Millward, Phish poster; Ken Taylor, First Aid Kit poster; Dan Mumford, Soundgarden poster; Kii Arens, Beck poster; Travis Bone, Ray LaMontagne poster; Gary McGarvey, Sleater Kinney poster; Brad Vetter in collaboration with Adrienne Miller, both Foster the People posters; Chelsey Curtin, Black Keys poster; Jeff Soto, Pearl Jam poster; Dan Black and Jessica Seamans, Sebadoh poster