group show: treme

I am a big fan of the public library system in general, but of the Halifax Public Library system specifically. You can read, listen, and watch just about anything, on any subject. But damn them for having such awesome stuff available that it forces my middle of the winter to-do task list down to make room for the following item line: “spend the entire weekend binge watching the HBO Series Treme“. Sure Season One was only ten episodes but heck ,that was ten hours of other tasks that went straight out the window (nevermind the other hour I spent googling cultural references and names used in the series.) So dear blog readers, because I have Treme {and Hurricane Katrina, and New Orleans, and jazz, and first lines…} on the brain, I pulled together a group show of art referencing the heartbreaking event of Hurricane Katrina.

I love this collection of artworks. Each piece is a great stand alone ‘take’ on an aspect of Hurricane Katrina, but together they really show the jumble of feelings: worry, fear, anguish, frustration, dependence, anger, hope, love… I also love how those feelings are conveyed through such diverse media, some artworks even containing physical remnants found after the disaster. Poignant.

RollandGolden2 RollandGolden SallyHeller-Scraphouse

David Bates TonyFitzpatrick  Swoon-Thalassa2 BenjaminJones-Evacuees BenjaminJones-Katrina  DawnDeDeaux-WaterMarkers2 JanaNapoli-Floodwall VictoNgai StanStrembicki-MemoryLoss

{Rolland Golden, title unknown; Rolland Golden, title unknown; Sally Heller, Scraphouse; David Bates, title unknown; Tony Fitzpatrick, Oh Black Water; Swoon, Thalassa; Benjamin Jones, Evacuees; Benjamin Jones, Katrina; Dawn DeDeaux, Water Markers; Jana Napoli, Floodwall; Victo Ngai, title unknown; Stan Strembickie, from project Memory Loss}

Be sure to check out this short video of Swoon installing Thalassa.

If you haven’t watched Treme yet, here is a trailer for Season One.


group show: sculptural assemblage

Recently I wrote about artist Judith Kindler and her lovely mixed media artworks. {Read it here.} Initially, it was Kindler’s Protect, that caught my attention: a sepia toned portrait of a Rembrantian little girl broken into portions framed by old wooden drawers. While I was drawn to the feeling presented in the portrait, it was the presentation of the image in multiple drawers that captivated me. I shouldn’t be surprised really. I have always had a thing for little compartments and containers. Add some mixed media / found object ephemeral and I am usually swooning.

I believe the heart of my attraction lies in the whimsy. Even if a subject matter might involve dark themes, the {re} assemblage of found and possibly everyday items to tell a new story, has an element of quirk and curiousness.  I suppose as well, I enjoy that place where historical homage rubs up against a ‘thing’ just being a ‘thing’.


BekaBrayer  MikeBennion  JamesMichaelStarr-BeneaththeSurface lynnwhipple-Innards  AprilCole SusannaJarian-Charlie

julie liger-belair - Stange parade

{top to bottom, left to right: Dolan Geiman, The Traveler; Beka Brayer; Mike Bennion; James Michael Starr, Beneath the Surface; Lynn Whipple, Innards; April Cole; Susanna Jarian, Charlie; Julie Liger Belair, Strange Parade}


solo show: kaarina kaikkonen

This past weekend, we finally had an opportunity to put laundry on the line. It has been a long hard winter of indoor drying. It was so heartwarming to put out the bed linens. I loved hearing them snap sharply and seeing them flap in the cool wind and then billow up gracefully, like great birds. A thing of beauty indeed.

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen creates large scale exquisite installations with hanging laundry. Playing with notions of connection and human presence, her pieces are all at once touching and haunting.



As with our own clothing, each garment featured in Kaarina Kaikkonen’s installations hold a story and memories. In fact, in many of her installations, Kaikkonen uses locally donated clothing articles, allowing her artwork to be of the people of that area.

KaarinaKaikkonen-AreWe KaarinaKaikkonen-AreWe2 KaarinaKaikkonen-Huellos KaarinaKaikkonen-Huellos2

I love the rhythm in Kaarina Kaikkonen’s work – a deep, natural movement seen in rivers, winds, trees, waterfalls. Kaikkonen’s large scale garment sculptures truly are powerful.

 KaarinaKaikkonen-TowardTomorrow KaarinaKaikkonen-TowardTomorrow2


Kaarina Kaikkonen lives and works in Finland.

group show: tattoos

I once dated a guy who had a Yosemite Sam tattoo. It ended shortly after he got it.

I think we can all agree that there are some really REALLY terrible tattoos permanently inked on human skin. Now, we may not all agree, but I think that there are some really REALLY gorgeous tattoos gracing some gorgeous persons out there. And in between there is a whole lot of onlyokness. I think we might all be able to agree that this group show of tattooed persons is downright lovely.

  PhilipMunoz IranaDouer SergioLopezCurtHoppe-ArturoVega RachelCassidyYates RachelGannon-TattooMan


NormaToraya ValentinaFelce_BlueRaspberryDesigns-VanGoghwithStarryNightSleeveMariaHerreros AhXian StasiaBurrington MonicaRamos-Breakfast

 {top to bottom, left to right: Philip Munoz, title unknown; Irana Douer, title unknown; Sergio Lopez, Tuscany Superb; Curt Hoppe, Arturo Vega; Rachel Cassidy Yates, title unknown; Rachel Gannon, Tattoo Man; Emily Winfield Martin, title unknown; Norma Toraya, title unknown; Valentina Felce / Blue Raspberry Designs, VanGogh with Starry Night Sleeve; Maria Herreros, title unknown; Ah Xian, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, title unknown; Monica Ramos, Breakfast}

group show: does and stags

Are you in the thick of it? Holidazed? I am currently tucked in my jammies post primary school holiday concert. If you yourself haven’t a cute concert full of goofy smiles and squeeky trombones to get you in the spirit, maybe this lovely group show of does and stags will do the trick. #NotSanta’sReindeer.


SamMoss HannaIlczyszyn-Deer AnaTeresaBarboza LorellaPaleni-ALeadRole AbigailBrown-DeerGirl LouiseMcNaught-WildSetting CarlosSanchez-Revelation StarlaMichelle-Charmed KatSerediuk-Sarah RebeccaHaines LiuChenyang-OhMyDeer

{top to bottom, left to right: Lisa Congdon, Hooded Reindeer; Sam Moss, title unknown, Hanna Ilczyszyn, Deer; Ana Teresa Barboza, title unknown; Lorella Paleni, A Lead Role; Abigail Brown, Deer Girl; Louise McNaught, Wild Setting; Carlos Sanchez, Revelation; Starla Michelle, Charmed; Kat Serediuk, Sarah; Rebecca Haines, title unknown; Liu Chenyang, Oh My Dear

group show: skulls

Somehow October has totally gotten away from me. I mean, is it seriously almost Halloween? When did that happen? I got me some costumes to whip up and a nine year old’s party to plan, so this awesome Halloween inspired group show (single) post is going to have to suffice until next week. Happy Haunting!

   KatherineFraser-TheJester MarcJohns-NotAboutDeath  EdgarFernhout-Schedel(Skull)

SalvadorDali&PhilippeHalsman-VoluptateMors1951 CharlesAllanGilbert-AllisVanity1892 JoshuaHarker-CraniaAnatomicaFiligre


AndyWarhol-Skull PieterClaesz-StillLifeWithaSkullandaWritingQuill NatalieLete-SkullsandFlowers HunterStablers ChristianHopkins JeremyFish

{from top to bottom, left to right: Katherine Fraser, The Jester; Marc Johns, Not About Death; Edgar Fernhout, Schedel Skull; Salvador Dali & Philippe Halsman, Voluptate Mors; Charles Allangilbert, All is Vanity; Joshua Harker, Crania Anatomica Filigre; Gregory Halili, Memento VI; Andy Warhol, Skull; Pieter Claesz, Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill; Natalie Lete, title unknown; Hunter Stabler, title unknown; Christian Hopkins, title unknown; Jeremy Fish, title unknown


group show: for the love of a book

Once, when I was a kid, I went to the Library with my best friend and her Mom. My friend and I were on the hunt for something new to read. Her mom did something that stuck with me: she opened a book and read aloud the first paragraph. It was Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. She said she always got a feeling about a book from the first paragraph. And said we might find that useful in choosing a book. She was right.

This group show is dedicated to my best friend’s Mom whose method comes to mind every time I open a new book, my Mom who always recommends great reads to me, and my friend Tara, who is a true lover of words.

ChristianKrohg-OdaWithLamp AugusteToulmouche EmmanuelGarant YelenaBryksenkova PierreLussier JackVettriano-SelfPortraitV NakamuraDaizaburo-Reading DavidHatfield-MetBookstoreMartaAstrain-MartaLendo StojanMilanov  KyungdukKim

{Christian Krohg, Oda With Lamp; Auguste Toulmouche, title unknown; Emmanuel Garant, title unknown; Yelena Bryskenkova, title unknown; Pierre Lussier, title unknown; Jack Vettriano, Self Portrait V; Nakamura Daizaburo, Reading; David Hatfield, Met Bookstore; Marta Astrain, Marta Lendo; Stojan Milanov, title unknown; Kyungduk Kim, title unknown}

Finally, check out these incredible works by Guy Laramee who makes amazing landscapes by sculpting with books.

GuyLaramee-BookCarvings2 GuyLaramee-BookCarvings1