colour show: yellow

We are having an exceptionally wonderful (and well deserved) Winter this year. And no, I am not looking ahead to the long range forecast of a Nor’easter for the Weekend. Instead, I am soaking up as much glorious sunshiney Vitamin D as I possibly can. And offering a group ‘colour’ show featuring buttery, sunflowery, banana yellow delights.

KellyReemsten RogerDuvoisin LindenFrederick-unknown FairfieldPorter-Buttercups NickLamia_untitled JoanMitchell-AlloAmelie CathyCullis-WeGrowButWeNeverReallyLeaveHome MichaelNewton-TheConnoisseur HelenFrankenthaler-Pernod SabineTress

{top to bottom, left to right: Kelly Reemsten, title unknown; Roger Duvoisin, title unknown; Linden Frederick, title unknown; Fairfield Porter, Buttercups; Nick Lamia, Untitled; Joan Mitchell, Allo Amelie; Cathy Cullis, We Grow But We Never Really Leave Home; Michael Newton, The Connoiseur; Helen Frankenthaler, Pernod; Sabine Tress, title unknown}



solo show – francois bard

Right now, I am loving the paintings of this guy – Francois Bard. I stumbled on a his painting, Nicole (below), and was totally sucked in. I love that push and pull of dark and colour and how the anonymous / shadowy / non-existant faces leave the viewer curious as to the subject. Mystery. A wonderful drippy painted mystery.

FrancoisBard-Nicole FrancoisBard-CapucheJaune FrancoisBard-LaCapuche FrancoisBard-Crepuscule FrancoisBard-GardeaVue FrancoisBard-Pause FrancoisBard-LesPosesHeroiques.SansTitre FrancoisBard-Conversation

Francois Bard lives and works in Paris, France.

group show: winter light

Today I noticed the light – the early evening light. It was hopeful. Beautifully hopeful.

There are moments in the deep of winter, like when I am curled on the sofa under a blanket and the afternoon light stretches into my window across the floor, and wish I could bottle the beauty and calm of winter light and save for times when I need a little sanctuary. Pure serenity.


PeterVanDyck-LivingRoom GeorgeNick MatteoMassagrande  CaroleRabe-YellowDishCloth  PaulSchulenburg KennyHarris JamesNeilHollingsworthVilhelmHammershoi JimHolland

{top to bottom, left to right: Andrew Wyeth, Renfield; Peter Van Dyck, Living Room; George Nick, Tribute to Shostakovich’s 15th Symphony; Matteo Massagrande, title unknown; Carol Rabe, Yellow Dishcloth; Paul Schulenburg, title unknown; Kenny Harris, title unknown; James Neil Hollingsworth, title unknown; Vilhelm Hammershoi, title unknown; Jim Holland, title unknown}


group show: pink hair

I am about four hours into having pink hair for the first time in my life. It was meant to be a soft sleepy pink but it turned out to be a bit more hot pink party. I haven’t really figured out if I like it. I will wait until morning light to decide. Until then…inspiration.

HsiaoRonCheng GraceChoEtamCru-SainerTheOtherSideoftheGame SilkeWerzinger JenniferDavisAaronNagel-Raven JenMann

{from top to bottom, left to right: Hsiao Ron Cheng, title unknown; Grace Cho, title unknown; Etam Cru, The Other Side of the Game; Silke Werzinger, title unknown; Jennifer Davis, title unknown; Aaron Nagel, Raven; Jen Mann, Bubblegum


group show – coastal rain

Yesterday afternoon, as I walked to go pick up my kids at school, I lifted my head to take in some deep breaths of moist coastal rainy drizzle. This is one of my childhood memory scents – coastal rain. It reminds me of the light Winter rains of Southern California. When my dad lived on the cliff overlooking the beach, I spent misty rain days on the balcony reading Nancy Drew and watching the Porpoises jump in and out of the ocean. In celebration of that salty spray smell, a group show of rainy ocean waves.

AlessandroPuccinelliPaulBennett-WestwardBlues AprilGornik-Virga FrederickJuddWaugh-TheOcean TeresaCline-OceanMoodsTwentyThreeKarenSmidth-WeatherOverSea  IevaBaklane-GreyOcean  KoenLybaert-Dover  JennyPrinn-FogBankLifting  KathleenDunn-AtlanticStudy   AlexKanevsky-WaveJune23,7pm

{Alessandro Puccinelli, title unknown; Paul Bennett, Westward Blues; April Gornik, Virga; Frederick Judd Waugh, The Ocean; Teresa Cline, Ocean Mood 23; Karen Smidth, Weather Over Sea; Ieva Baklane, Grey Ocean; Koen Lybaert, Dover; Jenny Prinn, Fog Bank Lifting; Kathleen Dunn, Atlantic Study; Alex Kanevsky, Wave, June23, 7pm

colour show: green

After some solid days of rain here in Halifax, the outdoors have exploded green. It is so lovely and lush. Because one can never have too much green, here is a showcase colour show of the most appreciated (by me and others who suffered a harsh winter) colour: green.

AudreyPhillips-SummerGardenParty JanBogaerts-StillLifewithCherriesandStoneware JessicaBrilli-RCAClockRadio AlenaHennessy-Release BelindaMarshall  DanielGarber-TheRiverRoad DavidCampbell PatrickWilliamAdam-Interior,RutlandLodge DavidGrossmann-EarlyAutumnPatchworkIgnatIgnatov-SelfPortraitinGreenLight

{Audrey Phillips, Summer Garden Party; Jan Bogaert, Still Life with Cherries and Stoneware; Jessica Brilli, RCA Clock Radio; Alana Hennessy, Release; Belinda Marshall, title unknown; Daniel Garber, The River Road; David Campbell, title unknown; Patrick William Adam, Interior Rutland Lodge; David Grossman, Early Autumn Patchwork; Ignat Ignatov, Self Portrait In Green Light}

group show: cat

Two months ago, our family welcomed a new addition to our family – a kitten named Frank. He was a rescued cat. It is only recently that he has felt comfortable to walk about and explore (though still not so much when the kids are loud). It has been awhile since we have had a cat around the house. I had forgotten how funny and odd they are. What is with their desire to sleep on your chest? And the stalking of what appears to be nothing? What is going on there?? His nutty antics have added some good fun to our life. Frankie boy, this one’s for you. (Though if I were honest, Frank wouldn’t like a group show of other cats. I think he’d prefer a group show of feathery tail chase things, tuna, and barbie shoes.)


MidoriYamada-Hyakuken05 IzutsuHiroyuki KatePugsley JulieVanWezemael

M.Lewandowski EPSON scanner image AaronWesterberg-TheArtistsCat


{top to bottom, left to right: Diane Hoepter, Window Seat; Midori Yamada, Hyakuken 05; Izutsu Hiroyuki, title unknown; Kate Pugsley, title unknown; Julie Van Wezemael, title unknown; M. Lewandowski, title unknown; Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi, Wandering; Aaron Westerberg, The Artists Cat; Tatyana Gorshunova, Black Cat}