group show: #inktober

My fella works in animation as well as being an artist. Late into October, he discovered #Inktober. #Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009, as a way for Parker to challenge himself and practice his drawing skills. Others caught on & joined in. It is slowly becoming the NaNoWrimo for Illustrators, Animators, Cartoonists, and Drawers of all sorts. So, in the days of late October, before the end of the day, the fella would whip up a little post-it note drawing and then leave it at the table at the place of one of our kids. But #Inktober didn’t nuzzle its way into my heart until the youngest ‘borrowed’ some of my post-its and then posted his own #inktober drawings on his wall beside his dad’s. Cue the “ahhh”, right?

In honour of my wee bundle of five year old cuteness, I give you a group show of some very new to me artists I found by using hashtag inktober on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy.

Alyssa Mees Trautz Ryan Gajda twitter@RyanGajda Maga Gon Maracaibo @magaa.sama    Debbie Ridpath Ohi ‏@inkyelbows FilippoScalisi @scalipposan Alice Lim @eureca1 Sher Rill Ng Sophie Navas @sophienavas VivienneTo twitter@VivienneTo BrunnaMancuso

{Alyssa Mees Trautz / @alyssamees; Ryan Gajda / @RyanGajda; Maga Gon Maracaibo / @magaa-sama; Debbie Ridpath Ohi / @inkyelbows; Filippo Scalisi / @scalipposan; Alice Lim / @eureca1; Sher Rill Ng / @sherrillng; Sophie Navas / @sophienavas; Vivienne To / @vivienneto; Brunna Mancuso / @brunnamancuso}