group show: tattoos

I once dated a guy who had a Yosemite Sam tattoo. It ended shortly after he got it.

I think we can all agree that there are some really REALLY terrible tattoos permanently inked on human skin. Now, we may not all agree, but I think that there are some really REALLY gorgeous tattoos gracing some gorgeous persons out there. And in between there is a whole lot of onlyokness. I think we might all be able to agree that this group show of tattooed persons is downright lovely.

  PhilipMunoz IranaDouer SergioLopezCurtHoppe-ArturoVega RachelCassidyYates RachelGannon-TattooMan


NormaToraya ValentinaFelce_BlueRaspberryDesigns-VanGoghwithStarryNightSleeveMariaHerreros AhXian StasiaBurrington MonicaRamos-Breakfast

 {top to bottom, left to right: Philip Munoz, title unknown; Irana Douer, title unknown; Sergio Lopez, Tuscany Superb; Curt Hoppe, Arturo Vega; Rachel Cassidy Yates, title unknown; Rachel Gannon, Tattoo Man; Emily Winfield Martin, title unknown; Norma Toraya, title unknown; Valentina Felce / Blue Raspberry Designs, VanGogh with Starry Night Sleeve; Maria Herreros, title unknown; Ah Xian, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, title unknown; Monica Ramos, Breakfast}


group show – summer edition: bathing caps


Many moons ago I had a gym / pool membership. All members were required to wear a bathing cap. I didn’t like that. I never mastered the head-in-water-tilt thing so I don’t ever get my head fully immersed. And then there are the near drowning flashbacks. So to me, wearing a bathing cap seemed redundant. The bathing cap made me feel over equipped for my little splash about. Maybe had I not had a Speedo black cap and had something more floral and cute, I would have liked my bathing cap experience a lot more. I might have even continued with my short lived membership. (Nah. Probably not.)


IranaDouer JaneHambleton-TheDive

SusanneBoehm-Backside AlejandraHernandez


{top to bottom, left to right: Kate Pugsley, Yellow PolkaDot Girl; Tracy Sylvester Harris, Girl By Pool; Nana Tchitchoua, untitled; James Steinberg, title unknown; Anny Wong, title unknown; Jen Corace, Down, Down, Down; Helen Beard, ceramic tall beaker; Irana Douer, title unknown; Jane Hambleton, The Dive; Susanne Boehm, Backside; Alejandra Hernandez, title unknown; Carole Feuerman, Monumental Brooke with Beach Ball}