colour show: yellow

We are having an exceptionally wonderful (and well deserved) Winter this year. And no, I am not looking ahead to the long range forecast of a Nor’easter for the Weekend. Instead, I am soaking up as much glorious sunshiney Vitamin D as I possibly can. And offering a group ‘colour’ show featuring buttery, sunflowery, banana yellow delights.

KellyReemsten RogerDuvoisin LindenFrederick-unknown FairfieldPorter-Buttercups NickLamia_untitled JoanMitchell-AlloAmelie CathyCullis-WeGrowButWeNeverReallyLeaveHome MichaelNewton-TheConnoisseur HelenFrankenthaler-Pernod SabineTress

{top to bottom, left to right: Kelly Reemsten, title unknown; Roger Duvoisin, title unknown; Linden Frederick, title unknown; Fairfield Porter, Buttercups; Nick Lamia, Untitled; Joan Mitchell, Allo Amelie; Cathy Cullis, We Grow But We Never Really Leave Home; Michael Newton, The Connoiseur; Helen Frankenthaler, Pernod; Sabine Tress, title unknown}



group show – get your gig on

We lost another great one. In the past nine days, David Bowie’s death has been written about and talked about everywhere. I wonder if my kids will remember this death like my Mom remembers the death of Lennon or I remember the death of Cobain. They might not be ‘fans’ but they might hear ‘China Girl’ and remember their Mom singing it at the top of her lungs or hear ‘Ground Control’ and remember their Dad couldn’t listen to the Chris Hatfield version b/c it couldn’t hold a candle to Bowie’s version. It is also possible that they might not remember it at all. But they will have their own Bowie’s. They will have their own music to get lost and caught up in. Because really, that is all we can ask of great art – that we are drawn in and, for a moment, make ‘contact’.

So for the fans of music and art alike, here is a group show of wonderfully amazing music gig posters.

 DigMyChili-JackJohnson DrewMillward-Phish KenTaylor-FirstAidKit DanMumford-SoundgardenKiiArens-Beck TravisBone GaryMcGarvey-Horse  BradVetterwAdrienneMiller-FosterthePeople BradVetterwAdrienneMiller-anotherFosterthePeople    ChelseyCurtin-BlackKeys JeffSoto-PearlJam    DanBlackandJessicaSeamans-Sebadoh

{top to bottom, left to right – Dig My Chili Creative Group, Jack Johnson poster; Drew Millward, Phish poster; Ken Taylor, First Aid Kit poster; Dan Mumford, Soundgarden poster; Kii Arens, Beck poster; Travis Bone, Ray LaMontagne poster; Gary McGarvey, Sleater Kinney poster; Brad Vetter in collaboration with Adrienne Miller, both Foster the People posters; Chelsey Curtin, Black Keys poster; Jeff Soto, Pearl Jam poster; Dan Black and Jessica Seamans, Sebadoh poster

group show: #inktober

My fella works in animation as well as being an artist. Late into October, he discovered #Inktober. #Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009, as a way for Parker to challenge himself and practice his drawing skills. Others caught on & joined in. It is slowly becoming the NaNoWrimo for Illustrators, Animators, Cartoonists, and Drawers of all sorts. So, in the days of late October, before the end of the day, the fella would whip up a little post-it note drawing and then leave it at the table at the place of one of our kids. But #Inktober didn’t nuzzle its way into my heart until the youngest ‘borrowed’ some of my post-its and then posted his own #inktober drawings on his wall beside his dad’s. Cue the “ahhh”, right?

In honour of my wee bundle of five year old cuteness, I give you a group show of some very new to me artists I found by using hashtag inktober on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy.

Alyssa Mees Trautz Ryan Gajda twitter@RyanGajda Maga Gon Maracaibo @magaa.sama    Debbie Ridpath Ohi ‏@inkyelbows FilippoScalisi @scalipposan Alice Lim @eureca1 Sher Rill Ng Sophie Navas @sophienavas VivienneTo twitter@VivienneTo BrunnaMancuso

{Alyssa Mees Trautz / @alyssamees; Ryan Gajda / @RyanGajda; Maga Gon Maracaibo / @magaa-sama; Debbie Ridpath Ohi / @inkyelbows; Filippo Scalisi / @scalipposan; Alice Lim / @eureca1; Sher Rill Ng / @sherrillng; Sophie Navas / @sophienavas; Vivienne To / @vivienneto; Brunna Mancuso / @brunnamancuso}

group show: cat

Two months ago, our family welcomed a new addition to our family – a kitten named Frank. He was a rescued cat. It is only recently that he has felt comfortable to walk about and explore (though still not so much when the kids are loud). It has been awhile since we have had a cat around the house. I had forgotten how funny and odd they are. What is with their desire to sleep on your chest? And the stalking of what appears to be nothing? What is going on there?? His nutty antics have added some good fun to our life. Frankie boy, this one’s for you. (Though if I were honest, Frank wouldn’t like a group show of other cats. I think he’d prefer a group show of feathery tail chase things, tuna, and barbie shoes.)


MidoriYamada-Hyakuken05 IzutsuHiroyuki KatePugsley JulieVanWezemael

M.Lewandowski EPSON scanner image AaronWesterberg-TheArtistsCat


{top to bottom, left to right: Diane Hoepter, Window Seat; Midori Yamada, Hyakuken 05; Izutsu Hiroyuki, title unknown; Kate Pugsley, title unknown; Julie Van Wezemael, title unknown; M. Lewandowski, title unknown; Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi, Wandering; Aaron Westerberg, The Artists Cat; Tatyana Gorshunova, Black Cat}

group show: tattoos

I once dated a guy who had a Yosemite Sam tattoo. It ended shortly after he got it.

I think we can all agree that there are some really REALLY terrible tattoos permanently inked on human skin. Now, we may not all agree, but I think that there are some really REALLY gorgeous tattoos gracing some gorgeous persons out there. And in between there is a whole lot of onlyokness. I think we might all be able to agree that this group show of tattooed persons is downright lovely.

  PhilipMunoz IranaDouer SergioLopezCurtHoppe-ArturoVega RachelCassidyYates RachelGannon-TattooMan


NormaToraya ValentinaFelce_BlueRaspberryDesigns-VanGoghwithStarryNightSleeveMariaHerreros AhXian StasiaBurrington MonicaRamos-Breakfast

 {top to bottom, left to right: Philip Munoz, title unknown; Irana Douer, title unknown; Sergio Lopez, Tuscany Superb; Curt Hoppe, Arturo Vega; Rachel Cassidy Yates, title unknown; Rachel Gannon, Tattoo Man; Emily Winfield Martin, title unknown; Norma Toraya, title unknown; Valentina Felce / Blue Raspberry Designs, VanGogh with Starry Night Sleeve; Maria Herreros, title unknown; Ah Xian, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, title unknown; Monica Ramos, Breakfast}

group show: looking at art

For nearly one year, Slingshots and Arrows has been looking at art. To kick off the New Year, and looking forward to another year of art blogging, here is a group show of art celebrating people looking at art.

 RosaBorreale OscarCahen  GerardBoersma-RedRoom MaggieSiner DorianeHeyman-AdmiringMatisseIII DavidOyens DavidHatfield-WomenandDegas RobinCheers-ArtLovers RobertCrumb-FigureStudiesattheMuseum NormanRockwell-PicassovsSargent MalcolmDrummond-WalterRichardSickert'sStudio KarinJurick-It'sSubjective FongweiLiu-MuseumSeries12-01

{top to bottom, left to right: Rosa Borreale, Way When Where; Oscar Cahen, title unknown; Gerard Boersma, Red Room; Maggie Siner, title unknown; Doriane Heyman, Admiring Matisse III; David Oyens; David Hatfield, Women and Degas; Robin Cheers, Art Lovers; Robert Crumb, Figure Studies at the Museum; Norman Rockwell, Picasso Vs. Sargent; Malcolm Drummond, Walter Richard Sickert’s Studio; Karin Jurick, Its Subjective; Fong Wei Liu, Museum Series 12-01}