colour show: yellow

We are having an exceptionally wonderful (and well deserved) Winter this year. And no, I am not looking ahead to the long range forecast of a Nor’easter for the Weekend. Instead, I am soaking up as much glorious sunshiney Vitamin D as I possibly can. And offering a group ‘colour’ show featuring buttery, sunflowery, banana yellow delights.

KellyReemsten RogerDuvoisin LindenFrederick-unknown FairfieldPorter-Buttercups NickLamia_untitled JoanMitchell-AlloAmelie CathyCullis-WeGrowButWeNeverReallyLeaveHome MichaelNewton-TheConnoisseur HelenFrankenthaler-Pernod SabineTress

{top to bottom, left to right: Kelly Reemsten, title unknown; Roger Duvoisin, title unknown; Linden Frederick, title unknown; Fairfield Porter, Buttercups; Nick Lamia, Untitled; Joan Mitchell, Allo Amelie; Cathy Cullis, We Grow But We Never Really Leave Home; Michael Newton, The Connoiseur; Helen Frankenthaler, Pernod; Sabine Tress, title unknown}



group show: treme

I am a big fan of the public library system in general, but of the Halifax Public Library system specifically. You can read, listen, and watch just about anything, on any subject. But damn them for having such awesome stuff available that it forces my middle of the winter to-do task list down to make room for the following item line: “spend the entire weekend binge watching the HBO Series Treme“. Sure Season One was only ten episodes but heck ,that was ten hours of other tasks that went straight out the window (nevermind the other hour I spent googling cultural references and names used in the series.) So dear blog readers, because I have Treme {and Hurricane Katrina, and New Orleans, and jazz, and first lines…} on the brain, I pulled together a group show of art referencing the heartbreaking event of Hurricane Katrina.

I love this collection of artworks. Each piece is a great stand alone ‘take’ on an aspect of Hurricane Katrina, but together they really show the jumble of feelings: worry, fear, anguish, frustration, dependence, anger, hope, love… I also love how those feelings are conveyed through such diverse media, some artworks even containing physical remnants found after the disaster. Poignant.

RollandGolden2 RollandGolden SallyHeller-Scraphouse

David Bates TonyFitzpatrick  Swoon-Thalassa2 BenjaminJones-Evacuees BenjaminJones-Katrina  DawnDeDeaux-WaterMarkers2 JanaNapoli-Floodwall VictoNgai StanStrembicki-MemoryLoss

{Rolland Golden, title unknown; Rolland Golden, title unknown; Sally Heller, Scraphouse; David Bates, title unknown; Tony Fitzpatrick, Oh Black Water; Swoon, Thalassa; Benjamin Jones, Evacuees; Benjamin Jones, Katrina; Dawn DeDeaux, Water Markers; Jana Napoli, Floodwall; Victo Ngai, title unknown; Stan Strembickie, from project Memory Loss}

Be sure to check out this short video of Swoon installing Thalassa.

If you haven’t watched Treme yet, here is a trailer for Season One.

group show: #inktober

My fella works in animation as well as being an artist. Late into October, he discovered #Inktober. #Inktober was created by Jake Parker in 2009, as a way for Parker to challenge himself and practice his drawing skills. Others caught on & joined in. It is slowly becoming the NaNoWrimo for Illustrators, Animators, Cartoonists, and Drawers of all sorts. So, in the days of late October, before the end of the day, the fella would whip up a little post-it note drawing and then leave it at the table at the place of one of our kids. But #Inktober didn’t nuzzle its way into my heart until the youngest ‘borrowed’ some of my post-its and then posted his own #inktober drawings on his wall beside his dad’s. Cue the “ahhh”, right?

In honour of my wee bundle of five year old cuteness, I give you a group show of some very new to me artists I found by using hashtag inktober on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy.

Alyssa Mees Trautz Ryan Gajda twitter@RyanGajda Maga Gon Maracaibo @magaa.sama    Debbie Ridpath Ohi ‏@inkyelbows FilippoScalisi @scalipposan Alice Lim @eureca1 Sher Rill Ng Sophie Navas @sophienavas VivienneTo twitter@VivienneTo BrunnaMancuso

{Alyssa Mees Trautz / @alyssamees; Ryan Gajda / @RyanGajda; Maga Gon Maracaibo / @magaa-sama; Debbie Ridpath Ohi / @inkyelbows; Filippo Scalisi / @scalipposan; Alice Lim / @eureca1; Sher Rill Ng / @sherrillng; Sophie Navas / @sophienavas; Vivienne To / @vivienneto; Brunna Mancuso / @brunnamancuso}

group show: tattoos

I once dated a guy who had a Yosemite Sam tattoo. It ended shortly after he got it.

I think we can all agree that there are some really REALLY terrible tattoos permanently inked on human skin. Now, we may not all agree, but I think that there are some really REALLY gorgeous tattoos gracing some gorgeous persons out there. And in between there is a whole lot of onlyokness. I think we might all be able to agree that this group show of tattooed persons is downright lovely.

  PhilipMunoz IranaDouer SergioLopezCurtHoppe-ArturoVega RachelCassidyYates RachelGannon-TattooMan


NormaToraya ValentinaFelce_BlueRaspberryDesigns-VanGoghwithStarryNightSleeveMariaHerreros AhXian StasiaBurrington MonicaRamos-Breakfast

 {top to bottom, left to right: Philip Munoz, title unknown; Irana Douer, title unknown; Sergio Lopez, Tuscany Superb; Curt Hoppe, Arturo Vega; Rachel Cassidy Yates, title unknown; Rachel Gannon, Tattoo Man; Emily Winfield Martin, title unknown; Norma Toraya, title unknown; Valentina Felce / Blue Raspberry Designs, VanGogh with Starry Night Sleeve; Maria Herreros, title unknown; Ah Xian, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, title unknown; Monica Ramos, Breakfast}

group show: sweet sleep

This weekend, between the amp up for Halloween, the prep and execution of a nine year old’s birthday party, some dark rainy days, and day lights savings, I tried to curl up and nap where ever I could fit it in. Looking at this group show of sweet sleepers makes me yearn for those days, before kids, when I would sleep whenever and where ever the weekend would take me.

GustavKlimt AntoioMele-CortazarSleeping OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



ChiaraCianniello AntonioCazorla-SaraBenShahn StasiaBurrington-SleepingIn  JustineAlbisser aka sirlonieZinaidaSerebriakova-SleepingKatya

Manuel Alvarez Bravo -El Soñador

{top to bottom, left to right: Gustav Klimt, title unknown; Antonio Mele, Cortazar Sleeping; Aaron LaShomb, Currency; Eric Zener, title unknown; Zhao Kailin, title unknown; Chiara Cianniello, title unknown; Antonio Cazorla, Sara; Ben Shahn, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, Sleeping In; Justine Albisser / Sirlonie, title unknown; Zinaida Serebriakova, Sleeping Katya, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, El Sonador}


group show – summer edition: freckles

I love freckles. Mine. My daughter’s. I love in the Spring, after the first real sunny day, that they begin appearing like stars leading the way to Summer. I love that my freckles linger like sexy dreams well after the flannel sheets and blankets have been placed on the bed.


ThomasSaliot-BlueFreckles ErinFitzpatrick-Dominic JudithGeher-TheWedding AndrewLever-LongHairedSurfer MilaRea-FrecklesonBlue ColeenCosner-NoStringsAttached


{top to bottom, right to left: Samuel Silva, Redhead Girl; Thomas Saliot, Blue Freckles; Erin Fitzpatrick, Dominic; Judith Geher, The Wedding; Andrew Lever, Long Haired Surfer; Mila Rae, Freckles on Blue, Coleen Cosner, No Strings Attached; Lisa Murphy, Freckles