group show: looking at art

For nearly one year, Slingshots and Arrows has been looking at art. To kick off the New Year, and looking forward to another year of art blogging, here is a group show of art celebrating people looking at art.

 RosaBorreale OscarCahen  GerardBoersma-RedRoom MaggieSiner DorianeHeyman-AdmiringMatisseIII DavidOyens DavidHatfield-WomenandDegas RobinCheers-ArtLovers RobertCrumb-FigureStudiesattheMuseum NormanRockwell-PicassovsSargent MalcolmDrummond-WalterRichardSickert'sStudio KarinJurick-It'sSubjective FongweiLiu-MuseumSeries12-01

{top to bottom, left to right: Rosa Borreale, Way When Where; Oscar Cahen, title unknown; Gerard Boersma, Red Room; Maggie Siner, title unknown; Doriane Heyman, Admiring Matisse III; David Oyens; David Hatfield, Women and Degas; Robin Cheers, Art Lovers; Robert Crumb, Figure Studies at the Museum; Norman Rockwell, Picasso Vs. Sargent; Malcolm Drummond, Walter Richard Sickert’s Studio; Karin Jurick, Its Subjective; Fong Wei Liu, Museum Series 12-01}


group show: for the love of a book

Once, when I was a kid, I went to the Library with my best friend and her Mom. My friend and I were on the hunt for something new to read. Her mom did something that stuck with me: she opened a book and read aloud the first paragraph. It was Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. She said she always got a feeling about a book from the first paragraph. And said we might find that useful in choosing a book. She was right.

This group show is dedicated to my best friend’s Mom whose method comes to mind every time I open a new book, my Mom who always recommends great reads to me, and my friend Tara, who is a true lover of words.

ChristianKrohg-OdaWithLamp AugusteToulmouche EmmanuelGarant YelenaBryksenkova PierreLussier JackVettriano-SelfPortraitV NakamuraDaizaburo-Reading DavidHatfield-MetBookstoreMartaAstrain-MartaLendo StojanMilanov  KyungdukKim

{Christian Krohg, Oda With Lamp; Auguste Toulmouche, title unknown; Emmanuel Garant, title unknown; Yelena Bryskenkova, title unknown; Pierre Lussier, title unknown; Jack Vettriano, Self Portrait V; Nakamura Daizaburo, Reading; David Hatfield, Met Bookstore; Marta Astrain, Marta Lendo; Stojan Milanov, title unknown; Kyungduk Kim, title unknown}

Finally, check out these incredible works by Guy Laramee who makes amazing landscapes by sculpting with books.

GuyLaramee-BookCarvings2 GuyLaramee-BookCarvings1