solo show – francois bard

Right now, I am loving the paintings of this guy – Francois Bard. I stumbled on a his painting, Nicole (below), and was totally sucked in. I love that push and pull of dark and colour and how the anonymous / shadowy / non-existant faces leave the viewer curious as to the subject. Mystery. A wonderful drippy painted mystery.

FrancoisBard-Nicole FrancoisBard-CapucheJaune FrancoisBard-LaCapuche FrancoisBard-Crepuscule FrancoisBard-GardeaVue FrancoisBard-Pause FrancoisBard-LesPosesHeroiques.SansTitre FrancoisBard-Conversation

Francois Bard lives and works in Paris, France.


group show: pink hair

I am about four hours into having pink hair for the first time in my life. It was meant to be a soft sleepy pink but it turned out to be a bit more hot pink party. I haven’t really figured out if I like it. I will wait until morning light to decide. Until then…inspiration.

HsiaoRonCheng GraceChoEtamCru-SainerTheOtherSideoftheGame SilkeWerzinger JenniferDavisAaronNagel-Raven JenMann

{from top to bottom, left to right: Hsiao Ron Cheng, title unknown; Grace Cho, title unknown; Etam Cru, The Other Side of the Game; Silke Werzinger, title unknown; Jennifer Davis, title unknown; Aaron Nagel, Raven; Jen Mann, Bubblegum


colour show: white

It is mid-February, which means mid-Winter here on the East Coast. With a repeating parade of snow and ice, it is a wonder that I am even considering a group show dedicated to white, especially when what I would really love to see is blue oceans, yellow sands, and lime green margaritas. But alas, this group show illustrates that there is more to white than snow and ice. I love this white art mix: hot light white, foggy grey whites, cool blue white, and warm yellow whites in the encaustic pieces.

 JessicaSanders   *temp* RobertBechtle-OaklandBuickLindaConnor-WindowwithShellsatNight MaryCorse-Untitled(Space&ElectricLight) AgnesMartin-HomagetoGreece GeorgiaO'Keefe-CowSkullwithCalicoSkulls MassimoNota-U StephanieHargrove-April AmandaKavanagh AndrewWyeth-OffatSea

{top to bottom, left to right: Jessica Sanders, title unknown; Jose Guerrero, Thames 19; Robert Bechtle, Oakland Buick; Linda Connor, Window with Shells At Night; Mary Corse, Untitled Space Electric Light; Agnes Martin, Hommage to Greece; Georgia O’Keefe, Cow Skull with Calico Skulls; Massi Monota, title unknown; Stephanie Hargrove, April; Amanda Kavanagh, title unknown; Andrew Wyeth, Off At Sea

solo show: martin & munoz

I have an infatuation for snow globes. It is probably a growing-up-in-Southern California-and-snow-globes-being-my-visual-gateway-to-all-things-magical-and-snowy kind of thing. And now I sit in my Halifax home, curled under blankets with Snowstorm Juno dumping a wondrous mix of snow, hail, and rain. Not so much magic.

Snow globes though have the ability to retain that gorgeous, breathtaking atmosphere without the reality of shoveling and icy pellets in the face. Magic. And so it is that I am drawn to the work of Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz.

WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler298 WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler293 WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler290 WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler283 WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler269 WMartin&PMunoz-Traveler260

The snow globes of Martin and Munoz however, are not cheery holiday or vacation themed environments. Instead, the miniature snowy worlds of Martin and Munoz are foreboding and dark; Instead of dreamy, Martin and Munoz’s snow globes are like surreal nightmares or twisted jokes. These worlds could be compared to the mysterious wierdness of Hitchcock or Lynch films.

MartinMunoz-AlmostHome WMartin&PMunoz-Nature'sChild  WMartin&PMunoz-AWanderingLight  MartinMunoz-Blindness

Martin and Munoz have partnered together since the late nineties. They have worked creating installations and other art pieces but found continued success with their snow globes and coloured prints of those and other miniature worlds. Walter Martin serves as the modeler while Paloma Munoz lights and photographs the environments.

Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz share their time between Spain and The United States.


{photograph taken by Deborah Feingold; source}

group show: braids

I love when my daughter does her little head up in pigtails or braids. She looks so… sweet. And smart with a side of sassy, like one my favorite heroines, Anne of Green Gables. With her hair combed and up I can almost hear her say “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” {Let it be known that the current reality is that I have to remind her to comb her hair most days and I can hardly see when she rolls her eyes at me when I tell her we need to trim her bangs. All that aside, she is pretty sweet and smart. Pigtails, braids, or not.}


SimonDavis-AmandaSmith HopeGangloff JacksonPollack-Untitled(GirlwithBraids)    AndreaStokes-HurtGirl AlexandraTyng-VisiontoHand RickBeerhorst-BraidenVision CelesteKeller-PromisetoRepeatIII AlineEras-Melancholy3,Edition3 MichaelBorremans


 {top to bottom, left to right: Lisa Toth, After the Swim; Simon Davis, Amanda Smith; Hope Gangloff, title unknown; Jackson Pollack, Untitled (Girl with Braids); Andrea Stokes, Hurt Girl; Alexandra Tyng, Vision to Hand; Rick Beerhorst, Braiden Vision; Celeste Keller, Promise to Repeat III; Aline Eras, Melancholy 3, Edition 3; Michael Borremans, title unknown; Eric Gill, The Plait}