colour show: yellow

We are having an exceptionally wonderful (and well deserved) Winter this year. And no, I am not looking ahead to the long range forecast of a Nor’easter for the Weekend. Instead, I am soaking up as much glorious sunshiney Vitamin D as I possibly can. And offering a group ‘colour’ show featuring buttery, sunflowery, banana yellow delights.

KellyReemsten RogerDuvoisin LindenFrederick-unknown FairfieldPorter-Buttercups NickLamia_untitled JoanMitchell-AlloAmelie CathyCullis-WeGrowButWeNeverReallyLeaveHome MichaelNewton-TheConnoisseur HelenFrankenthaler-Pernod SabineTress

{top to bottom, left to right: Kelly Reemsten, title unknown; Roger Duvoisin, title unknown; Linden Frederick, title unknown; Fairfield Porter, Buttercups; Nick Lamia, Untitled; Joan Mitchell, Allo Amelie; Cathy Cullis, We Grow But We Never Really Leave Home; Michael Newton, The Connoiseur; Helen Frankenthaler, Pernod; Sabine Tress, title unknown}



Group Show: Bunnies

Easter Weekend is the perfect time for showcasing bunnies. Good glory there are a ton of beautiful bunny artworks, even after I decided to leave out any that referenced Alice in Wonderland and egg/Easter references. Without further ado…

AnielaSobieski-Iris AndreaDaquino

FabianCiraolo-Bunny AaronLaShomb-Lovely CathyCullis-TellingStoriestoNooneinParticular

VanessaCabban CecilePara-Bunny SaraSwink-Don'tBiteTheHandThatFeedsYou

{Above starting at top left: Aniela Sobieski, Iris; Andrea Daquino; Fabian Ciaolo, Bunny; Aaron LaShomb, Lovely; Cathy Cullis, Telling Stories To Noone in Particular; Vanessa Cabban; Cecile Para, Bunny; Sara Swink, Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You




ValerieDavide TiffanyCalderKingston-Hare

 Above left to right: Georgia Gerber, title unknown; Egene Koo, Hello; artist unknown from Brooklyn, NY; Valerie Davide; Tiffany Calder Kingston, Hare