group show: cat

Two months ago, our family welcomed a new addition to our family – a kitten named Frank. He was a rescued cat. It is only recently that he has felt comfortable to walk about and explore (though still not so much when the kids are loud). It has been awhile since we have had a cat around the house. I had forgotten how funny and odd they are. What is with their desire to sleep on your chest? And the stalking of what appears to be nothing? What is going on there?? His nutty antics have added some good fun to our life. Frankie boy, this one’s for you. (Though if I were honest, Frank wouldn’t like a group show of other cats. I think he’d prefer a group show of feathery tail chase things, tuna, and barbie shoes.)


MidoriYamada-Hyakuken05 IzutsuHiroyuki KatePugsley JulieVanWezemael

M.Lewandowski EPSON scanner image AaronWesterberg-TheArtistsCat


{top to bottom, left to right: Diane Hoepter, Window Seat; Midori Yamada, Hyakuken 05; Izutsu Hiroyuki, title unknown; Kate Pugsley, title unknown; Julie Van Wezemael, title unknown; M. Lewandowski, title unknown; Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi, Wandering; Aaron Westerberg, The Artists Cat; Tatyana Gorshunova, Black Cat}