colour show: yellow

We are having an exceptionally wonderful (and well deserved) Winter this year. And no, I am not looking ahead to the long range forecast of a Nor’easter for the Weekend. Instead, I am soaking up as much glorious sunshiney Vitamin D as I possibly can. And offering a group ‘colour’ show featuring buttery, sunflowery, banana yellow delights.

KellyReemsten RogerDuvoisin LindenFrederick-unknown FairfieldPorter-Buttercups NickLamia_untitled JoanMitchell-AlloAmelie CathyCullis-WeGrowButWeNeverReallyLeaveHome MichaelNewton-TheConnoisseur HelenFrankenthaler-Pernod SabineTress

{top to bottom, left to right: Kelly Reemsten, title unknown; Roger Duvoisin, title unknown; Linden Frederick, title unknown; Fairfield Porter, Buttercups; Nick Lamia, Untitled; Joan Mitchell, Allo Amelie; Cathy Cullis, We Grow But We Never Really Leave Home; Michael Newton, The Connoiseur; Helen Frankenthaler, Pernod; Sabine Tress, title unknown}



colour show – summer edition: pistachio with raspberry and mango

We are mid-way through the Summer. Having you been checking in with our Summer Edition posts? There have been some goodies – group shows with themes like icecream, bicycles, surfing, and laundry on lines and solo shows with Kevin Cyr, Sara Caracristi, and Fairfield Porter and so much more. Now that we are halfway through our special edition posts, it is time to celebrate with a gelato inspired colour show of pistachio, raspberry, and mango.


 JohnHoyland-Green,Orange,Pink SallyBenedict HeatherMurray-ThePartyGirls

AshleyGoldberg MichaelMew TinaBeebe BelindaMarshall


{from top to bottom left to right:  Kerri Rosenthal, The Perfect Moment; John Hoyland, Green, Orange, Pink; Sally Benedict, title unknown; Heather Murray, The Party Girls; Ashley Goldberg, title unknown; Michael Mew, title unknown; Tina Beebe, title unknown; Belinda Marshall, title unknown; Elio Camacho, title unknown}