group show: cloud machine city

Does your city have an unofficial landmark? Here in Halifax / Dartmouth, Nova Scotia there are a few structures that are, without a doubt “so Halifax”. There is the MacDonald Bridge. There is the Citadel and the Town Clock. There is our spanky new Central Library. And then there is Tufts Cove – aka ‘The cloud machine’. While Tufts Cove Generating Station is technically ‘old'(ish) (1965), it has made its way on the new “cool” landmark list. With lots of artists now laying down roots on the Dartmouth / Darkside of the Halifax Harbour, the cloud machine is getting some great artistic props.

EmmaFitzgerald-HalifaxHarbour  MaryGaroutte-TuftsCove AmberaWellmann-TuftsCove    GordonMacDonald-LookingEast HarboursideDesigns-DarksideShowing

Other cities have some great Power Stations which undoubtedly inspired more wonderful power station art.

GeorgeBarecca-OnlySoMuch YukoShimizu-EmissionsTrading2 JulieStAmand-CCheminees SarahJones_1

{Halifax artists top to bottom left to right: Emma Fitzgerald, Halifax Harbour; Mary Garoutte, Tufts Cove; Ambera Wellmann, Tufts Cove; Gordon MacDonald, Young Street to East; Harbourside Designs, Is My Darkside Showing?} {Non-Halifax art: George Barecca, Only So Much; Yuko Shimizu, Emissions Trading 2; Julie StAmand, Cheminees; Sarah Jones, title unknown}


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