solo show: troy lovegates / other

Christmas is finally packed away and the house is slowly getting back to its usual rhythm. There is still a need to sweep up the tree needles {for the umtenth time} scattered throughout the hall and livingroom. Those Christmas lights on the roof might have to wait until the Spring thaw. And dang – one of my gifts from my sweetheart is awaiting a frame. {Ikea. I am looking at you. Your frames are needed in Nova Scotia. Just sayin’.}

This Christmas, a gift of art bestowed to me was a print {the one shown below} I had been admiring for some time created by Troy Lovegates {also known as Other} in collaboration with author Jeff Parker for Papirmass‘s issue #54.


{source: Papirmass}

I began this art blog two years ago writing about my first art love, Marc Chagall. When I first became exposed to Chagall as a teen, it was like a piece of wall paper was torn off to reveal a larger art field. I was amazed. I was enlightened. I wanted to rip away more paper and see more.

As I continued to learn and study and explore art, I have been exposed to many wonderful art works and many talented artists. But the art of Troy Lovegates is in the realm of Chagall for me – an artist that widens my perspective. He is most certainly skilled. But I am most amazed by the imagery used in Lovegates pieces. Like with many of my favorite films, books or pieces of music, some of Troy Lovegates art leaves me wondering “where the hell did that image come from?”

TroyLovegates-Canoe TroyLovegates_1 TroyLovegates-Rowing on the ashes

I love that I am curious about Lovegates / Other’s art works. While there is an obvious “Other” style, his work is constantly evolving. I am curious by his choice of materials – often found. I am curious about this choice of imagery and themes. And I love that I am curious about this subjects, his unique looking people who wear their life stories on their bodies, real or imagined, I want to know more.

TroyLovegates-Sunrise-Sunset TroyLovegates-Somewhere

I am going to say that the images shown in this post don’t really illustrate the wonderful detail of a Troy Lovegates artwork. Seeing a Troy Lovegates art piece in person is a treat. Owning one {or a few} is a treasure.

TroyLovegates-TheWay  TroyLovegates-ItCan'tHappenHere TroyLovegates-Untitled2010

Troy Lovegates, aka Other, is an artist that originally hails from Ottawa, Ontario. And though he now lives in San Fransico, California, he travels often and is best found on the internet on his Facebook page or his Flickr page.

Editor’s note: Halifax go see Other’s work in person. There is a piece of his street art on a side door of the building housing The Coast offices as well as a beautiful collaboration with Saddo on a wall on Gottingen Street.


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