group show: quilts

Today I did not dress appropriately. I was warm but only “ish”. And other than a few parts of my work day, I really haven’t felt toasty today. Add to the cold tootsies and fingers, I have a good ol’ case of the grumpies. All this to say I really just wanna dive under my quilt and watch reruns of Felicity or something. Instead I will exhibit a group show of some lovely art quilts.

TraceyEmin LindaGass-Refined MarilynHenrion-SoftCity_ell LukeHaynes-OnMyBedTradition#1 AlisonWhittemore-FunnyLookingKidLenaMoore-Psalm23

JoyceWieland-ReasonOverPassion  HollieChatalaine_BurkinabeMother TerryAske-RainyDayPeople   ShawnQuinlan-TheCryingQuilt MichaelAaronMcAllister-MargaretThatcher  FaithRinggold-TarBeach2

{top to bottom, left to right: Tracey Emin, title unknown; Linda Gass, Refined?; Marilyn Henrion, Soft City: ell; Luke Haynes, On My Bed, Tradition #1; Alison Whittemore, Funny Looking Kid; Lena Moore, Psalm 23; Joyce Wieland, Reason Over Passion; Hollis Chatalaine, Burkinabe Mother; Terry Aske, Rainy Day People; Shawn Quinlan, The Crying Quilt; Michael Aaron McAllister, Margaret Thatcher; Faith Ringgold, Tar Beach 2}


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