group show: stars

I know I am not alone – feeling sad amidst all the pain out there in the world. Beirut. Paris. Nigeria. It is so easy to feel lost in it. But for all the darkness and all the hurt, I am trying to find little glimmers of light – like looking into the vast sky and admire the pretty little stars as they reveal themselves. I look to the stars.

  PascalCampion NaftaliBeder AnselmKiefer-Starfall

 DianaSudyka-StarMapSha'an d'Anthes_akaFurryLittlePeach Andrea Kowch LindsayGardner-StarryNight Dan-ahKim-stars LauraBerger

{top to bottom, left to right: Pascal Campion, title unknown; Naftali Beder, title unknown; Anselm Keifer, Starfall; Diana Sudyka, Starmap; Sha’an d’Anthes, Galaxies; Andrea Kowch, title unknown; Lindsay Gardner, Starry Night; Dan’ah Kim, Stars; Laura Berger, title unknown}


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