group show: sculptural assemblage

Recently I wrote about artist Judith Kindler and her lovely mixed media artworks. {Read it here.} Initially, it was Kindler’s Protect, that caught my attention: a sepia toned portrait of a Rembrantian little girl broken into portions framed by old wooden drawers. While I was drawn to the feeling presented in the portrait, it was the presentation of the image in multiple drawers that captivated me. I shouldn’t be surprised really. I have always had a thing for little compartments and containers. Add some mixed media / found object ephemeral and I am usually swooning.

I believe the heart of my attraction lies in the whimsy. Even if a subject matter might involve dark themes, the {re} assemblage of found and possibly everyday items to tell a new story, has an element of quirk and curiousness.  I suppose as well, I enjoy that place where historical homage rubs up against a ‘thing’ just being a ‘thing’.


BekaBrayer  MikeBennion  JamesMichaelStarr-BeneaththeSurface lynnwhipple-Innards  AprilCole SusannaJarian-Charlie

julie liger-belair - Stange parade

{top to bottom, left to right: Dolan Geiman, The Traveler; Beka Brayer; Mike Bennion; James Michael Starr, Beneath the Surface; Lynn Whipple, Innards; April Cole; Susanna Jarian, Charlie; Julie Liger Belair, Strange Parade}



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