solo show: judith kindler

Since the Spring, I have been bringing home some wooden drawers from work. They were from an old storage unit whose main body or frame is missing and they were taking up valuable storage space. The drawers themselves are so lovely – solid wood with metal cup handholds. My intention was to create a shelving unit thing in my basement. And then I saw this…


This is Protect by Judith Kindler, and it is the art piece that has me completely in awe. I am not sure where that leaves the drawers, my basement, and myself in the future but it did leave me to investigate the internets for Judith Kindler.

Judith Kindler is a multi disciplinary artist whose art ranges from large scale installations to mixed media works such as the one above. Even though Kindler has formally studied painting, sculpture, and photography individually, her art practice has found a home at the intersection of all of these.

JudithKindler-ManyHomes,ManyLivesdetail JudithKindler-ManyHomes,ManyLives

JudithKindler-ThePackage JudithKindler-OfSpecialInterest JudithKindler-Baby

What draws me to Judith Kindler’s work is her use of found objects. While I am not entirely sure of the narrative Kindler is sharing, I feel a kinship to Kindler’s ability to showcase everyday objects {or symbols of those objects}. She treats ordinary with homage. I love the way her use of symbolism plays alongside simple scenarios – a horse with a strange porcelain doll head.

JudithKindler-TheUndauntedProject JudithKindler-HomewithStoriesFilledwithHoles


Judith Kindler shares her time between Seattle, Washington and Ketchum, Idaho.



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