group show: oh canada

I don’t believe that Canada or Canadian can be summed up in a series of symbols. Being Canadian doesn’t make you automatic fan of David Suzuki and the CBC. And Canada is not just snow, hockey, and maple syrup or lakes, pines, and canoes. But heck, those are all pretty great symbols and icons, no? To celebrate the birth of our nation, here is a group show that embraces all those “Canadian”isms.


TimothyWilsonHoey-Laplante KrisKnight-Blue  KenojuakAshevak-SummerOwl EmilyCarr-TotemForest LisaBrawn-Mansbridge LisaBrawn-DavidSuzuki TroyLovegates KimDorland SarahBurwash-TheSummit   DanielleRichard AlexColville-Skater

{top to bottom left to right: Lawren Harris, Toronto Houses; Timothy Wilson Hoey, Laplante; Kris Knight, Blue; Kenojuak Ashevak, Summer Owl; Emily Carr, Totem Forest; Lisa Brawn, Mansbridge; Lisa Brawn, Suzuki; Troy Lovegates aka Other, street art in Montreal; Kim Dorland, title unknown; Sarah Burwash, The Summit; Danielle Richard, title unknown; Alex Colville, Skater}


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