group show – coastal rain

Yesterday afternoon, as I walked to go pick up my kids at school, I lifted my head to take in some deep breaths of moist coastal rainy drizzle. This is one of my childhood memory scents – coastal rain. It reminds me of the light Winter rains of Southern California. When my dad lived on the cliff overlooking the beach, I spent misty rain days on the balcony reading Nancy Drew and watching the Porpoises jump in and out of the ocean. In celebration of that salty spray smell, a group show of rainy ocean waves.

AlessandroPuccinelliPaulBennett-WestwardBlues AprilGornik-Virga FrederickJuddWaugh-TheOcean TeresaCline-OceanMoodsTwentyThreeKarenSmidth-WeatherOverSea  IevaBaklane-GreyOcean  KoenLybaert-Dover  JennyPrinn-FogBankLifting  KathleenDunn-AtlanticStudy   AlexKanevsky-WaveJune23,7pm

{Alessandro Puccinelli, title unknown; Paul Bennett, Westward Blues; April Gornik, Virga; Frederick Judd Waugh, The Ocean; Teresa Cline, Ocean Mood 23; Karen Smidth, Weather Over Sea; Ieva Baklane, Grey Ocean; Koen Lybaert, Dover; Jenny Prinn, Fog Bank Lifting; Kathleen Dunn, Atlantic Study; Alex Kanevsky, Wave, June23, 7pm


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