group show: geometrics

My eldest kiddo just finished a school project – creating a robot using three or more geometric solids. The end result was pretty darned cute. It got me thinking about shapes. I was never really attracted to super graphically angular work (a la Joseph Albers square works). It is too mathematical and structured (and dare I suggest unemotional?) for my taste. But lately there has been a trend toward the geometric forms that I am really liking. The angles are softer and the geometry is less precise and for me, more approachable.


 KrisTate EsterStewart-FullCircle  Nelio(collaborationw.Kenor) OdiliDonaldOdita-GiveMeShelter    MiaChristopherRebeccaChaperon BrittBassTurner-NavyGeo MirandaSkoczek-AirFireWater OpheliaPang-Desafinado002MorganBlair

{top to bottom left to right: Lisa Congdon, title unknown; Kris Tate, title unknown; Ester Stewart, Full Circle; Nelio {in collaboration with Kenor}, title unknown; Odili Donald Odita, Give Me Shelter; Mia Christopher, title unknown; Rebecca Chaperon, title unknown; Britt Bass Turner, Navy Geo; Miranda Skoczek, Air Fire Water; Ophelia Pang, Desafinado 002; Morgan Blair, title unknown}


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