city adventure: halifax / nova scotia college of art and design

In our house we have creative time. In our house we have drawers of art and craft supplies. In our house, there is also fold laundry time, meal prep time, and run errands time. Art making can often take a back seat and be relegated to PD days or rainy days. But this past Saturday, we made art our concentration. This past Saturday, our family were artists for a day.

As part of a larger Open City event in Halifax, The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design presented Artist for a Day. The college opens its facility doors to everyone and offers stations to learn art techniques such as weaving, printmaking, book binding, letterpress, sewing, drawing, pottery and leather work.


We began our adventure in the leather work studio making design stamped snap closure cuffs. The kids then hand stitched small notebooks before creating prints at the letterpress stations. My eldest was so proud when the printer suggested she run off a few extra “I love cats” prints for other people because they were bound to be popular. After a quick lunch at the Farmer’s Market next door, we added wheat paste prints to a large collaborative wall, made copper jewellery, and checked out the fish printing. The big win for our family was the opportunity to use pottery wheels. All of us loved this experience and in the end, we made a family set of bowls.



It was incredible to watch my family members lose themselves in the act of creating and beam with pride at their finished work. I also loved watching my kids marvel at the art of students throughout the building. “Look at that! Wow! That is so cool.”

It was exactly that. Cool.

girl  meat

{The above art is only an example of the wonderful artwork on display throughout the building. The portrait of the young girl is done with colourful washi tape while the sketching of hanging meat is one of several large graphite drawings.}


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