solo show: kaarina kaikkonen

This past weekend, we finally had an opportunity to put laundry on the line. It has been a long hard winter of indoor drying. It was so heartwarming to put out the bed linens. I loved hearing them snap sharply and seeing them flap in the cool wind and then billow up gracefully, like great birds. A thing of beauty indeed.

Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen creates large scale exquisite installations with hanging laundry. Playing with notions of connection and human presence, her pieces are all at once touching and haunting.



As with our own clothing, each garment featured in Kaarina Kaikkonen’s installations hold a story and memories. In fact, in many of her installations, Kaikkonen uses locally donated clothing articles, allowing her artwork to be of the people of that area.

KaarinaKaikkonen-AreWe KaarinaKaikkonen-AreWe2 KaarinaKaikkonen-Huellos KaarinaKaikkonen-Huellos2

I love the rhythm in Kaarina Kaikkonen’s work – a deep, natural movement seen in rivers, winds, trees, waterfalls. Kaikkonen’s large scale garment sculptures truly are powerful.

 KaarinaKaikkonen-TowardTomorrow KaarinaKaikkonen-TowardTomorrow2


Kaarina Kaikkonen lives and works in Finland.


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