solo show: Kathe Fraga

Some days you need a little pretty. I love a good visual and emotional challenge but this week, this gal just wants to get lost in soft pastels, delicate florals with some lovebirds thrown in for good measure. My happy hideaway this week are the gorgeous paintings of Kathe Fraga.


I love Kathe Fraga’s nod to Chinese patterning and printmaking as well as vintage wallpapers mixed with the large and loose colour blocking a la Mark Rothko. Even though she is a current contemporary artist, seeing her work feels like a treasure find of a beautiful dressing screen in a dark corner of an abandoned Chateaux.

KatheFraga-JoyandAbundance KatheFraga-Blush KatheFraga-ChezNous    KatheFraga-MemoriesofParis KatheFraga-GardenDance        KatheFraga-GoyardYellowandSweetParisRoses KatheFraga-MemoriesofParis KatheFraga-LovePoems4DreamingofYou  KatheFraga-IAlwaysKnew  KatheFraga-LesFleursdeL'Illes

Fraga’s gorgeous chinoiserie patterned paintings make me dream of a warm Spring morning with nothing to do but lounge on a garden patio in gorgeous silk with a pot of hot coffee and some fresh croissants.

Kathe Fraga lives and creates in Bainbridge Island, Washington.


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