group show: photographing dance

March is coming to a close, which means that the dance focused posts are sadly coming to a close as well. It has been fun to divert attention from visual art to the dance arts for a little bit. To get you readers back in the visual arts frame of mind, here is a group show of amazing photographs which capture dance bodies in motion.


      DavidGonzalez-TheDancers1979 HelenLevitt-NewYork1940_TwoKidsDancing CarolBeckwithAngelaFisher-FemaleEweDancer LudovicFlorent-poussièresdétoiles Richard Avedon-RudolfNureyevEnPointe BertilNilsson(Naturally) BertilNilsson(Intersections) LittleShao1

 {Little Shao, title unknown; David Gonzalez, The Dancers 1979; Helen Levitt, New York 1940 (Two Kids Dancing); Carol Beck and Angela Fisher, Female Ewe Dancer; Ludovic Florent, from exhibition Poussière d’étoiles; Richard Avedon, Rudolf Nureyev en Pointe; Bertil Nilsson, from exhibition Naturally; Bertil Nilsson, from exhibition Intersections; Little Shao, title unknown}



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