solo show: louise lecavalier

Last post, I wrote about a memorable International Dance Festival birthday gift and how it widened my understanding of dance. {Read it here.} One of the performances at the Festival was La La La Human Steps. The moment the La La La Human Steps dancers took stage, my whole angsty arty teenage self was engaged. The music. The movement. And Louise.

Louise Lecavalier was the principle female dancer in La La La Human Step’s Human Sex (choreographer Edouard Lock). I was transfixed by her. Her long bleached blond hair flying off in all directions. Her body leaping without hesitation, flying at her male partners with such power. Bare-chested and in a pink tulle skirt, she fractured any ideas I had about women dancers. She was sensual and vulnerable and strong.

Canadian Louise Lecavalier danced with Edouard Lock’s company La La La Human Steps for eighteen years. Since leaving La La La, Lecavalier began her own company Fou Glorieux, and outside of collaborations and solos, debuted her first choreographic work, So Blue, in 2012. Louise Lecavalier was awarded an Order of Canada in 2010 and in 2014, Lecavalier was awarded the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award.

And with all the accolades (and amazeballs collaborations – with David Bowie and Frank Zappa), Louise Lecavalier seems to remain a down to earth woman with a great sense of humor. (Case in point, her little dig at hockey players in this Qtv Interview.)

{To be fair, the presentation of Human Sex not only blew my mind because of Louise’s dancing but because of the amazing La La La Human Steps choreography of Edouard Lock. I also saw this piece many years later and was completely transfixed.}


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