field notes for creativity: mikhail baryshnikov

One of my most favorite birthday presents ever, was a festival pass to an International Dance Festival that was happening in my city. I was seventeen or eighteen. I loved dance but my eyes had not fully opened to the big wide world of dance until then. My mind was completely blown. BLOWN. In my day to day life working in a history museum and as a busy mom, I had forgotten how much I love dance and how much it makes my heart sing, until I came across a tweet about dance and fashion and Baryshnikov and Buck, and I remembered. The advertisement was for Rag & Bone and it is very…edited, but good gravy, it has two gorgeous dancers dancing. And so while this blog has only so far featured fine art, I thought I would focus a little attention on the art of dance for the month of March. To kick it off, I will leave you with a little Mikhail Baryshnikov. {Yes, it is another fashion advertisement. But he is so talented and smart, I can over look it.}

“Like everything else..If you want to be good, you have to work day and night. I learned that from my tender age. “


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