colour show: white

It is mid-February, which means mid-Winter here on the East Coast. With a repeating parade of snow and ice, it is a wonder that I am even considering a group show dedicated to white, especially when what I would really love to see is blue oceans, yellow sands, and lime green margaritas. But alas, this group show illustrates that there is more to white than snow and ice. I love this white art mix: hot light white, foggy grey whites, cool blue white, and warm yellow whites in the encaustic pieces.

 JessicaSanders   *temp* RobertBechtle-OaklandBuickLindaConnor-WindowwithShellsatNight MaryCorse-Untitled(Space&ElectricLight) AgnesMartin-HomagetoGreece GeorgiaO'Keefe-CowSkullwithCalicoSkulls MassimoNota-U StephanieHargrove-April AmandaKavanagh AndrewWyeth-OffatSea

{top to bottom, left to right: Jessica Sanders, title unknown; Jose Guerrero, Thames 19; Robert Bechtle, Oakland Buick; Linda Connor, Window with Shells At Night; Mary Corse, Untitled Space Electric Light; Agnes Martin, Hommage to Greece; Georgia O’Keefe, Cow Skull with Calico Skulls; Massi Monota, title unknown; Stephanie Hargrove, April; Amanda Kavanagh, title unknown; Andrew Wyeth, Off At Sea


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