group show: does and stags

Are you in the thick of it? Holidazed? I am currently tucked in my jammies post primary school holiday concert. If you yourself haven’t a cute concert full of goofy smiles and squeeky trombones to get you in the spirit, maybe this lovely group show of does and stags will do the trick. #NotSanta’sReindeer.


SamMoss HannaIlczyszyn-Deer AnaTeresaBarboza LorellaPaleni-ALeadRole AbigailBrown-DeerGirl LouiseMcNaught-WildSetting CarlosSanchez-Revelation StarlaMichelle-Charmed KatSerediuk-Sarah RebeccaHaines LiuChenyang-OhMyDeer

{top to bottom, left to right: Lisa Congdon, Hooded Reindeer; Sam Moss, title unknown, Hanna Ilczyszyn, Deer; Ana Teresa Barboza, title unknown; Lorella Paleni, A Lead Role; Abigail Brown, Deer Girl; Louise McNaught, Wild Setting; Carlos Sanchez, Revelation; Starla Michelle, Charmed; Kat Serediuk, Sarah; Rebecca Haines, title unknown; Liu Chenyang, Oh My Dear


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