solo show: nathalie lete

Many moons ago, I came across a magazine article about the family home / studio of Nathalie Lete. At the time, I was creating a lot and, honestly, feeling like my frenzied desire to dabble in it all, was not professional. Seeing this article, full of wonderful large colour photographs, was like finding a secret permission slip to go for it. create. Nathalie Lete’s space was wildly ecclectic with a beautiful, free use of colour everywhere. The captions under the images indicated that the screen printed clothes, the ceramic bobby pins worn by Nathalie and her kids, as well as the dolls, the ceramic plates, the hand-stitched flags, pillows, rugs, and the paintings on the walls, were all done by Lete herself.

NathalieLete3 NatalieLete-studio NathalieLete7 NathalieLete6

Nathalie Lete’s work is charming. It is folky. It is vintage. It is joyful. It reminds me of Nova Scotian folk artist Maud Lewis. Like Lewis, the objects portrayed won’t necessarily be ‘realistic’ or ‘impressionistic’ but real and impressive just the same. NathalieLete8  NathalieLete1 NathalieLete9 nathalielete5 NathalieLete4  NathalieLete12   NatalieLete-SkullsandFlowers nathalieLete11

I love that Lete’s sweet & joyful art has and is currently being recreated as and on commercial products and spread across the world. I love handmade one-of-a-kind and small run but I also love that a self taught folk artist is able to write her own ticket making her art.

{Check out this video of Lete painting the store front window of Anthropologie (New York) coinciding with her release of ceramic plates for Anthropologie.}


Nathalie Lete lives and works in Paris, France.


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