group show: braids

I love when my daughter does her little head up in pigtails or braids. She looks so… sweet. And smart with a side of sassy, like one my favorite heroines, Anne of Green Gables. With her hair combed and up I can almost hear her say “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.” {Let it be known that the current reality is that I have to remind her to comb her hair most days and I can hardly see when she rolls her eyes at me when I tell her we need to trim her bangs. All that aside, she is pretty sweet and smart. Pigtails, braids, or not.}


SimonDavis-AmandaSmith HopeGangloff JacksonPollack-Untitled(GirlwithBraids)    AndreaStokes-HurtGirl AlexandraTyng-VisiontoHand RickBeerhorst-BraidenVision CelesteKeller-PromisetoRepeatIII AlineEras-Melancholy3,Edition3 MichaelBorremans


 {top to bottom, left to right: Lisa Toth, After the Swim; Simon Davis, Amanda Smith; Hope Gangloff, title unknown; Jackson Pollack, Untitled (Girl with Braids); Andrea Stokes, Hurt Girl; Alexandra Tyng, Vision to Hand; Rick Beerhorst, Braiden Vision; Celeste Keller, Promise to Repeat III; Aline Eras, Melancholy 3, Edition 3; Michael Borremans, title unknown; Eric Gill, The Plait}


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