group show: bowls

I have a problem. I love vessels. Like, LOVE.  Thankfully, I am super practical and don’t like lotsa stuff overstuffing my cupboards, but when I am in a store of handmade goodies, I often find myself lusting after a vessel of sorts. The more colourful and whimsical, the better. My latest acquisition is thanks to my momma. She bought me a sweet swimming lady Bronwyn Arundel bowl from Argyle Fine Art. It is currently on my dining table caressing my clementines.

ForageStudio-SquidBowl LauraCooke-narwhalcup   AyumiHorie LeahJackson joshstoverCuldeSacDesign-canoekidneydish     PattiChalmers1 SueTirrellCeramics-WhiteBirdandCherryBlossoms  ChandraDeBuse-GardenJuiceCups BrookeNoble JessicaBrandl GreenwoodPottery-drinkingcups        EstherHorchner-nakedladyteaset

 {top to bottom, left to right, artists names only: Forage Studios; Laura Cooke; Ayumi Horie; Leah Jackson; Josh Stover; Cul de Sac Design; Patti Chalmers; Sue Tirrell Ceramics; Chandra Debuse; Brooke Noble; Jessica Brandl; Greenwood Pottery; Esther Horchner


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