group show: clementines

I bought my first crate of Clementines this afternoon. Even though we took the kids to The Holiday Parade of Lights this past Saturday night, to me, the holiday season begins with the arrival of Clementines. Load me up with Vitamin C in cute tiny bite sized segments and let the holiday season begin!

 Julian Merrow-Smith-BowlofClementines JonathanKoch-OnePeeledOrange ClaireElan-Tangerine ConorWalton - StillLifewOrangesJimBourke-HandsWithOrange#2 © Jeffrey T. Larson 20130516 CarolMarine AntonelloRiommi-LeAranceDelSupermarket

{Julian Merrow-Smith, Bowl of Clementines; Jonathan Koch, One Peeled Orange; Claire Elan, Tangerine; Conor Walton, Still Life with Oranges; Jim Bourke, Hands With Orange 2; Jeffery Larson, Clementines; Carol Marine, title unknown; Antonello Riommi, Le Arance del Supermarket}


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