group show: remembering

Today I attended the Remembrance Day Ceremony at my kids’ school. It was lovely to see how each grade approached the concepts surrounding this day: ‘sacrifice’, ‘death’, ‘the wounded’, ‘war’, ‘peace’, and ‘remembering’. I love this group show for the same reasons. It is so interesting to see all the various impressions and treatments of war time: portraits of key players or ordinary soldiers, images of men and women at camp or in the field, soldiers leaving, soldiers returning, all wonderfully poignant.


JessicaLynnWiebe JessicaLynnWiebe-Chaos  GertrudeKearns-Dallaire#6 JamesQuinn-MajorO.M.Learmonth,theVictoriaCross AlexColville-SoldierandGirlatStation ScottWaters - Keifer on OP 2007

 CampbellTinning-DriftingDown WilliamBeatty-Ablain-St.Nazaire PegiNicolMacLeod-SalmonintheGalley © Canadian War Museum © Musée canadien de la guerre CN12017   williamMacdonnell-TragedyonaCountryRoad WilliamMacDonnell-SappersClearingaDeadfallAdrianStimson-10,000plus

{All artists featured in this group show are Canadian artists, or worked for Canada as War Artists, from various and featuring various periods in our Canadian military history.}

{top to bottom, left to right: William Nicholson, Canadian Headquarters Staff, Jessica Lynne Wiebe, title unknown; Jessica Lynne Wiebe, Chaos; Gertrude Kearns, Dallaire6; James Quinn, Major O.M. Learmonth, The Victoria Cross; Alex Colville, Soldier and Girl at Station; Scott Waters, Keifer on op 2007; Campbell Tinning, Drifting Down; John William Beatty, Ablain-St-Nazaire; Pegi Nicol Macleod, Salmon In the Galley; Molly Lamb Bobak, Canteen Nijmegen; William Macdonell, Tragedy on a Country Road; William Macdonell, Sappers Clearing Deadfall; Adrian Stimson, 10000 Plus}

{note: if you are in the Halifax, NS area, Jessica Lynn Wiebe is showcasing her latest exhibition Bearing Arms, Bearing Wounds until November 28th, 2014 at St. Paul’s Anglican Church}


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