group show: sweet sleep

This weekend, between the amp up for Halloween, the prep and execution of a nine year old’s birthday party, some dark rainy days, and day lights savings, I tried to curl up and nap where ever I could fit it in. Looking at this group show of sweet sleepers makes me yearn for those days, before kids, when I would sleep whenever and where ever the weekend would take me.

GustavKlimt AntoioMele-CortazarSleeping OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



ChiaraCianniello AntonioCazorla-SaraBenShahn StasiaBurrington-SleepingIn  JustineAlbisser aka sirlonieZinaidaSerebriakova-SleepingKatya

Manuel Alvarez Bravo -El Soñador

{top to bottom, left to right: Gustav Klimt, title unknown; Antonio Mele, Cortazar Sleeping; Aaron LaShomb, Currency; Eric Zener, title unknown; Zhao Kailin, title unknown; Chiara Cianniello, title unknown; Antonio Cazorla, Sara; Ben Shahn, title unknown; Stasia Burrington, Sleeping In; Justine Albisser / Sirlonie, title unknown; Zinaida Serebriakova, Sleeping Katya, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, El Sonador}



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