group show: skulls

Somehow October has totally gotten away from me. I mean, is it seriously almost Halloween? When did that happen? I got me some costumes to whip up and a nine year old’s party to plan, so this awesome Halloween inspired group show (single) post is going to have to suffice until next week. Happy Haunting!

   KatherineFraser-TheJester MarcJohns-NotAboutDeath  EdgarFernhout-Schedel(Skull)

SalvadorDali&PhilippeHalsman-VoluptateMors1951 CharlesAllanGilbert-AllisVanity1892 JoshuaHarker-CraniaAnatomicaFiligre


AndyWarhol-Skull PieterClaesz-StillLifeWithaSkullandaWritingQuill NatalieLete-SkullsandFlowers HunterStablers ChristianHopkins JeremyFish

{from top to bottom, left to right: Katherine Fraser, The Jester; Marc Johns, Not About Death; Edgar Fernhout, Schedel Skull; Salvador Dali & Philippe Halsman, Voluptate Mors; Charles Allangilbert, All is Vanity; Joshua Harker, Crania Anatomica Filigre; Gregory Halili, Memento VI; Andy Warhol, Skull; Pieter Claesz, Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill; Natalie Lete, title unknown; Hunter Stabler, title unknown; Christian Hopkins, title unknown; Jeremy Fish, title unknown



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