City Adventure: Nocturne Halifax {with Kids}

This past Saturday night, armed with a rough strategy, water, and an emergency “i’m tired / i’m hungry” bag of nuts & dried fruit, this blogger stepped out with her kiddos for a city / art adventure. I could tell you about Nocturne – Art at Night, but I thought instead I would let an eight year old and a four year old tell you their thoughts.


If your friends asked you, how would you explain Nocturne?

E: “It’s like when people show their art and there are art openings all over, all at night time.”

What did you like about Nocturne?

O: “All the fun stuff that is happening. It is fun to be out at night.”

E: “I like Nocturne because you get to see lots of stuff and explore. I like to see all that is happening.”

What were your favorite artworks/happenings at Nocturne?

O: “I liked that big screen in the park with all the moving pictures and music {Gates of Sojourn II by Sarah Burwash}. And I like Argyle {Fine Art Gallery} and doing the doodles and picking doodles even though doodle is a funny word.”


E: “I really liked the art at Argyle Art Gallery. {Trevor Van den Eijnden, Familiar Strangers / Group Show, Paper Trail} It was cool using that printing machine and making that print {at Inkwell Boutique}”

O: “Oh! I also liked being up late and running around that statue and eating a hot dog {Smokelife III}.”

So why do you think it is important to get out and see art in person?

E: “Because maybe people will want to make their own art. And then they will live happily ever after. {giggle} Are you gonna write that?”


{E watching Ben Stone‘s piece, All Good Things, which was my favorite piece. }


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