group show: for the love of a book

Once, when I was a kid, I went to the Library with my best friend and her Mom. My friend and I were on the hunt for something new to read. Her mom did something that stuck with me: she opened a book and read aloud the first paragraph. It was Tess of the D’Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy. She said she always got a feeling about a book from the first paragraph. And said we might find that useful in choosing a book. She was right.

This group show is dedicated to my best friend’s Mom whose method comes to mind every time I open a new book, my Mom who always recommends great reads to me, and my friend Tara, who is a true lover of words.

ChristianKrohg-OdaWithLamp AugusteToulmouche EmmanuelGarant YelenaBryksenkova PierreLussier JackVettriano-SelfPortraitV NakamuraDaizaburo-Reading DavidHatfield-MetBookstoreMartaAstrain-MartaLendo StojanMilanov  KyungdukKim

{Christian Krohg, Oda With Lamp; Auguste Toulmouche, title unknown; Emmanuel Garant, title unknown; Yelena Bryskenkova, title unknown; Pierre Lussier, title unknown; Jack Vettriano, Self Portrait V; Nakamura Daizaburo, Reading; David Hatfield, Met Bookstore; Marta Astrain, Marta Lendo; Stojan Milanov, title unknown; Kyungduk Kim, title unknown}

Finally, check out these incredible works by Guy Laramee who makes amazing landscapes by sculpting with books.

GuyLaramee-BookCarvings2 GuyLaramee-BookCarvings1


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