group show: golden light golden foliage

Taking inspiration from the last {Tom Thomson} post, I am sticking with the Fall foliage theme for this group show, because heck, we need to celebrate these colours and this light before it is gone.

NancyBush-AutumnAfternoon RobertRauschenberg-Cardbird IrmaCerese-Adirondacks#3 AmberAlexanader-AutumnDayNo.1 KonstantinYuon-ViewfromaBalconyinAutumn JoanFullerton-SingingSolo MelissaAnnMiller-GreenHouse MauriceSapiro-AutumnReflected

{top to bottom, left to right: Nancy Bush, Autumn; Robert Rauschenberg, Cardbird I; Irma Cerese, Adirondacks 3; Amber Alexander – Autumn Day No. 1; Konstantin Yuon, View From A Balcony In Autumn; Joan Fullerton, Singing Solo; Melissa Ann Miller, Green House; Maurice Sapiro, Autumn Reflected}


2 thoughts on “group show: golden light golden foliage

  1. Hello Chara – I am sooooo glad we ran into each other at Pete’s and you mentioned your blog.
    It is stunning. I love the simplicity, the choice of visuals and subjects along with your comments.
    You are a wordsmith….. Our school hall in Toronto was lined with very large prints by The Group of Seven – a good introduction to art. Each member was special but Tom’s colourful landscapes, Arthur’s textual paintings and Fred’s portraits are go to paintings for me. I never tire of them.

    Here is the link for you to access the installation (Grey Matters: Conversations with Dementia) held at St. Matthew’s United Church recently:

    The golden foilage images sent today have made my day! Thank you.

    Warm regards,

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