field notes for creativity: jonathan fields


“Sometimes action is more important than direction. Because action becomes cause, that leads to effect…to reaction…to affirmation…to correction, and eventually, direction, followed by the building of momentum and impact on a level that not only didn’t exist, but actually wasn’t conceivable before.”

{from Good Life Project Radio, Episode: “Embrace the Thrash“}

Jonathan Fields is an entrepreneur / writer living in New York City. He wrote Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance. He also began an audio visual interview project called The Good Life Project. What I really like about Jonathan Fields’s work in general and the Good Life Project specifically, is that it is my kind of mix of a little practicality, a lot of curiosity, sprinkled with sincerity and heart. I love hearing other people’s “how I got here” stories. Those are listenable lessons. And then for extra jump kicks, Jonathan throws in some of his own zen-like reflections on topics like the above “Embrace the Thrash”. If you like really casual interviews and can find some time to listen (they are long), check out some of my favorites that are more art / design / entrepreneur related:


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