group show – halifax homes

One of my favorite ways to end my day is to go for walk. I like going around dusk so that I can see both the outside and inside of people’s houses. I like to see what people are growing in their gardens. I like to see what they may have hanging on their walls. I love walking in almost any neighbourhood anywhere, but I really love the old neighbourhoods Halifax {Nova Scotia} have to offer. And I am not alone. Check out the Halifax House love from some of Halifax’s own. And to all my non Halifax readers: Yes Halifax is as lovely as it looks. You should come.


 MaryGaroutte-YellowDoorFalklandSt MaryGaroutte-SunsetonAgricolaSt MaryGaroutte-ReflectionCliftonSt.

Michelle St. Onge

MichelleSt.Onge-AgricolaSt MichelleSt.Onge-TowerRoad

Andrew MacDonald

 AndrewMacDonald3 AndrewMacDonald2  AndrewMacDonald4

Brianna Corr Scott

BrianaCorrScott-pleasant street BrianaCorrScott-QuakerOil BrianaCorrScott_CameronHouse

Emma Fitzgerald

EmmaFitzgerald-Creighton&Falkland EmmaFitzgerald-MorrisHouse EmmaFitzgerald-Silas&Louise'sHouse


6 thoughts on “group show – halifax homes

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Good point Gord. I see where you are coming from. However, when I do online group show post, for the most part I mix many artists of various media from all over the world – some aren’t even currently living. I pick a theme and I show a piece (or two) from many artists that speaks to that theme. I put the artists names in a credit roll at the bottom in the order their work appears. I figure if someone is intrigued they can do a quick query and find more on any artist. If I do an online solo show post, I put links to an artists site or where more work can be found. This group show post was a bit different because I chose only Halifax artists because of the subject matter. If you are interested in any of these artists, some are represented by Argyle Fine Art in Halifax – Mary Garoutte, Michelle St. Onge, Andrew MacDonald or sold at Inkwell (Halifax) & Kept (Dartmouth) – Emma Fitzgerald and Brianna Corr Scott is independently represented. I hope that answers your query.

  1. Well, you’ve done it again!

    Wonderful pieces! So much to love about Halifax.

    I actually quite like searching for the artists you feature on Slingshots and Arrows…

    This time I am pleased to see a name I recognize from long, long ago… 😉

    Excellent post!

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