solo show: elly mackay

I have just had one of the days. Really it was only a couple of evening hours, but holy guacamole, I am ready to throw my head under the covers and be whisked away to some lalaland: A sweet and innocent land full of pretty light where kids are happy and gentle (and not overtired whiney messes). Tonight, I want to escape to Elly MacKay’s world.


EllyMacKay-TakeMeWhereIWanttoGo EllyMacKay-CorneliaGrewFlowers in her Mind EllyMacKay-AWinter'sMorning

Elly MacKay, also known as Theatre Clouds, is a paper artist who uses the longstanding artforms of miniatures and diorama along with modern photography to create etheral and magical worlds. MacKay’s process involves creating illustrations on special vellum-like paper, cutting it out, and then placing the main subjects into layered worlds of papers delicately lit. The effect is completely enchanting.


{MacKay placing one of her sweet little boats into a mysterious seascape.}


Even though Elly MacKay’s art is made in miniature format, the result is truly larger than life. MacKay creates worlds that every child (and child at heart) dreams of – where children are free to be, wander, discover, create, and be besties with the animals of the planet.

EllyMackay-TranquilMorning-TwoSisters EllyMacKay-OntheBackofaTiger   EllyMacKay-AftertheStorm EllyMacKay-AFriendintheForest


Elly MacKay lives and creates in Owen Sound, Ontario.  Recently, MacKay has translated her magic and creativity into two children’s books: If You Hold A Seed and Shadow Chasers. See more about her process and first book in the video below.


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