group show – sweater weather

Personally, I am still holding out for one last blast of heat – says the girl who has already cracked into the jacket closet for her velvet, tweed, and denim coats. I am thinking I will just have to whip myself up a chai and remind myself of all the wonderfulness of fall: pumpkins and apples, soups and stews, boots and tights, and sweaters. Lotsa soft, cozy sweaters.

AlejandraHernandez DeniseNestor-WhiteRabbit FumiKoike-YellowCableSweater CarolineAndrieu

I love the clothing details Canadian painter Kris Knight’s has been known to add to his portraits. In the two bottom portraits, the sweaters are particularly eye-catching.

KrisKnight-Moonshine KrisKnight-SmelltheMagic

{top to bottom, right to left: Alejandra Herandez, title unknown; Denise Nestor, White Rabbit; Fumi Koike, Yellow Cable Sweater; Caroline Andrieu, title unknown; Kris Knight, Moonshine; Kris Knight, Smell the Magic}

I also had to include three wonderful, though very different, sweater art projects.


In the project, Last Season (March 2014), artist duo Lernert & Sander, deconstructed knitted sweaters by fashion houses, like Prada and Chloe, back to their original material – yarn.


In 1971, French artist Annette Messager, began a body of work entitled The Boarders. It featured hand knit sweaters made for and placed on small taxidermied birds.

In the project, The Cosby Sweater Project, Illustrator Kelly Tucker creates detailed pattern artworks inspired by sweaters worn by the cast of The Cosby Show. She then posts a still and the artwork on her tumblr, The Cosby Sweater Project.

KellyTucker-TCSP2 KellyTucker-TCSP3


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