group show: harvesting and preserving

I am a ridiculously, passionately, excitable edibles gardener. One of my most favorite things, is watching a teeny tiny fruit grow to something bigger. And then cutting it off and bringing it in the house, proudly, like a cat with a mouse: ‘See what I grew for us all’.

I love that this group art show has such variety in treatments of vegetation – softly painted or roughly carved woodcuts or erotically photographed. The painstakingly embroidered onion is a favorite. It is much like edible gardening: care and tedious tending for commonly considered produce can have such beauty and pleasure for some.


JessicaRoux-Radishes AkiraMatsumoto-AppleColourWoodcut HeatherHorton RobertPapp  EdwardWeston-Pepper LouiseGardiner

When I became a crazed gardener, I also became a crazed preserver. And then, an equally crazed preserves-in-art fan.

BrookeWeeber-PicklesPrint BrookeWeeber-ArtofPreservation


 {top to bottom, right to left: Emily Kluin, Blueberries; Jessica Roux, Radishes; Akira Matsumoto, Apple Colour Woodcut; Heather Horton; Robert Papp, title unknown; Edward Weston, Pepper; Louise Gardiner, title unknown; Brooke Weeber, Pickles; Brooke Weeber, Art of Preservation; Joanna Close, Strawberry Jam}


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