solo show summer edition: gundula walz

Summer is about slowing down, taking big deep breathes of easy. Those breathes are needed to sustain us when we are faced with what can seem to be eternal winters. As Summer comes to a close, let this solo show featuring long exposure photographer Gundula Walz serve as a reminder to take as much Summer in as possible.

 GundulaWalz-11 GundulaWalz-10 GundulaWalz-9 GundulaWalz-8 GundulaWalz-12

Gundula Walz’s photography is so magical. It is seriously dreamlike. Like a unicorn might walk through that beautiful golden field. I love Gundula’s silken palette, even when she captures intensely saturated colours. Add some lovely soft lines and you have yourself a super lovely soothing photograph. I might just pour myself a Gin and Tonic and wrap myself in that cottony pink cloud at the end of the dock and call it a day.

GundulaWalz-7 GundulaWalz-6 GundulaWalz-5 GundulaWalz-4 GundulaWalz-3 GundulaWalz-2 GundulaWalz-1

Gundula Walz is located in Potsdam, Germany.

And so this concludes our Summer Edition posts. I had a lot of fun putting together Summer themed art posts.


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