group show – summer edition: freckles

I love freckles. Mine. My daughter’s. I love in the Spring, after the first real sunny day, that they begin appearing like stars leading the way to Summer. I love that my freckles linger like sexy dreams well after the flannel sheets and blankets have been placed on the bed.


ThomasSaliot-BlueFreckles ErinFitzpatrick-Dominic JudithGeher-TheWedding AndrewLever-LongHairedSurfer MilaRea-FrecklesonBlue ColeenCosner-NoStringsAttached


{top to bottom, right to left: Samuel Silva, Redhead Girl; Thomas Saliot, Blue Freckles; Erin Fitzpatrick, Dominic; Judith Geher, The Wedding; Andrew Lever, Long Haired Surfer; Mila Rae, Freckles on Blue, Coleen Cosner, No Strings Attached; Lisa Murphy, Freckles


2 thoughts on “group show – summer edition: freckles

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Thanks for your comment suitewords. Agreed. This is such a nice portrait showing your son’s lovely features. Erin is really talented. Thanks for stopping by.

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