single installation – summer edition: bignik

One of my family’s favorite things to do in the Summer is eat outdoors. It is a really simple but sweet treat. We take advantage of our small table and chairs out on our balcony overlooking the garden every day Mother Nature allows. But what my kids and I really love, is to do a meal up picnic style – at a park, at a lake, at a beach and yes, even our front yard under the huge maple. Seriously. PB&J never tasted sweeter than on our front lawn.

Brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin (aka Atelier für Sonderaufgaben) also really love a picnic. They created an art installation piece, Bignik (2014), celebrating the pretty, simple functionality of sitting on a cloth on the ground to ea. The 160,000 foot red and white checked picnic blanket was created by using large format household linens: sheets, tablecloths, curtains, and blankets, all cut to a uniform size and sewn together. The Bignik event took place on a hillside in Stein, Switzerland on an idyllically bright sunny day, clearly backing the Riklin studio philosophy that art should interact with public everyday society and not be confined to a museum.

riklin-bignik-aerial Riklin-bignik-inuse riklin-bignik-detailed riklin-bignik-wfigures

Frank and Patrik Riklin live and work in Switzerland.


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