group show – summer edition: construction zone

There is a saying that in Canada there are two Seasons: Winter and Construction. Harsh. And sometimes, unfortunately, true. But we Summer lovers try not to let blocked streets, big wheeled trucks, and bright cranes ruin our enjoyment.

 LaraYouakim-BeirutCranes JulesVega-Castro-BuildingJustice

  BiancaPratorius-Pac2 KristinKrimmel-Liebherr-SiteWarrior  BarbaraPiatti-MurBleu  WilliamWires-F.MinteCrane ErinONeill-LandsdownefromtheCanal

{top to bottom, right to left: Lara Youakim, Beirut Cranes; Jules Vega-Castro, Building Justice; Bianca Pratorius, Pac2; Kristin Krimmel, Liebherr; Barbara Piatti, Mur Bleu; William Wires – F. Mint Crane; Erin O’Neill, Landsdowne from the Canal


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