solo show – summer edition: kim dorland

Tonight I stumbled on a Sonic Youth song from my way way back. It reminded me of Summers spent at home between years at University. I would work during the day and then be out late at night “roaming the streets” (as my step-father used to call it). Sometimes I would go see a band play or go dancing. But sometimes, I would just roam the streets with friends.


With a thickly loaded brush, Kim Dorland explores memory and nostalgia as it pertains to place. Dorland’s dark browns, greens and reds meet electric pink and orange to tell the story of Suburban Youth: bush parties and convenience store congregations, skateboarding, and smoking out under a bridge.

KimDorland-Trampoline  KimDorland-BadNeighbours


KimDorland-titleunknown KimDorland-GrownUps


  KimDorland03 kimdorland-Sisterskimdorland05 kimdorland6



Not all Dorland’s works feature mobile parks and kids up to no good, In 2013 Dorland was lauded a Canadian en-plein-air painter with his tenure as The McMichael Gallery’s Artist in Residence.


Kim Dorland was born and raised in Alberta but now lives and works in Toronto, ON.


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