group show – summer edition: swimming pool

I am not done. You hear me Summer? I am not ready for the cool. I am not ready for the kids to go back to school. I am not ready to get out of the pool. Nope. Instead, I am gonna cannonball all over your waning.


LorraineShemesh-titleunknown CarolO'Malia-titleunknown EricZener-Muchclearerdownbelow NinaNolte-AliceinWonderland MartineEmdur-underwater13 CarolBennett-Turn


ElizabethLennie-LapSwim SophiaMartineck-fromA-ZProfessios AnthonyRedpath-KitsPool AlexColville-TheSwimmingRace

Join me, will you, all syncro style? Let’s pretend the days are not getting shorter. Let’s pretend there is no cool breeze. Instead let’s dive in, head first, and come up dancing.

LisaGolightly-AllTogether TomaszGudzowaty-titleunknown

{top to bottom, left to right: Eric Zener, Cusp; Lorraine Shemesh, title unknown; Carol O’Malia, title unknown; Eric Zener, Much Clearer Down Below; Nina Nolte, Alice in Wonderland; Martine Emdur, Underwater13; Carol Bennett, Turn; Anne Leone, title unknown; Elizabeth Lennie, Lap Swim; Sophia Martineck, (from book) A-Z Professions; Anthony Redpath, Kit’s Pool; Alex Colville, The Swimming Race; Lisa Golightly, All Together; Tomasz Gudzowaty, title unknown}


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